Dining Plan at Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool

Can we use a Dining Plan Quick Service Credit and order a sandwich, salad, burger, etc by the AKL pool? (either pool) I planned to do that a couple of days we are there but the Touring Plans Menu page for the Uzima Pool Bar says “Does not participate, but does have DDP snack items”.

Has anyone had lunch or dinner by the pool and used their dining plan? (other than snacks)

Would we be better off sitting down at Mara to eat, then walking to the pool? Are they close to each other?

I don’t know about Uzima and the DDP, but Mara is really close to the pool and is good QS option in my opinion–they have some different items compared to a lot of QS locations.


Glad to hear it’s pretty good (and near the pool!). We plan to use Mara quite a bit. We have 2 little ones (7 & 4) and I’m pretty sure the pool is going to be their favorite “ride” at Disney World. :blush: I was imagining me and DH sitting by the pool trying to convince them to get out to eat and thinking just ordering by the pool would solve that!

We did this last year and now I can’t remember if we used any DDP credits or not. The menu was very limited, though. We had a hard time figuring out what would work for lunch. The Mara is literally right outside of the gates and has outside seating. It’s your best bet.


You might even be able to bring food from the Mara to the pool bar tables.


DDP is accepted at both pool bars but for what I don’t know.

Yes, you can do this. The Mara is great.