Dining Plan and Kids- Very specifc?

Here is my question, based on a hypothetical situation:

We have 3 “adults” and one “child” on the Regular (TS) Dining Plan. We go to La Hacienda De San Angel for dinner, and order one of the platters for two and and split it for the whole table.

Q1: Do we still get two alcoholic drinks included, and two desserts? The menu clearly states it is for two people.

Q2: If we went to another TS restaurant on a another day, does the plan “know” that we have one adult and one child credit left, or does it just lump them together and allow us to order as we see fit.

Leaving in 9 days! Getting excited!!

I don’t know about the platter specifically, if you’re ordering something for 2 people I would assume you would use 2 adult credits and get 2 drinks.

TS credits are split into adult and children, and the system will know exactly what you have left and you will only be able to use them for 1 adult and 1 child meals.

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Well, it’s a good thing my son loves mac and cheese… =) Thanks for confirming!

Q1: We’ve ordered the platter for two at La Hacienda before. It did count as two entrees for the dining plan and we did get two drinks and two desserts with it.

Q2: If you go to another TS restaurant on a different day the system will know that you have one adult and one child credit remaining. For TS credits adult and child allotments are calculated separately, so you can’t use a child credit for an adult meal.

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As stated above, OP has regular DDP so this is definitely true in this case. Is this true for the Deluxe DDP as well? I thought I had read that all credits were just credits for the deluxe (i.e., use one child credit for adult meal). Maybe I remember wrong?

I am confused over the deluxe plan. I have heard time and again that the credits aren’t separated, but people say a child must still order from the kids menu. I assume if it was date night say, and there were only 2 adults present, they could get 2 adult meals even if they only had child credits left. But I’m really not sure.

All credits are pooled on the Deluxe plan, so you can use child credits for adult meals of you like. The official rule is that children are supposed to order from the kids menu, so if your kids are present your server may or may not choose to enforce that rule. If it’s just adults dining they can use the kids credits, no questions asked.

FYI - We ordered one of the platters for two and it does come with two drinks/two desserts. It was delicious! My husband and I ate every bit of it. But I am not sure it is enough for four people -unless you aren’t very hungry or order other appetizers etc. It wasn’t an overwhelming amount of food.