Dining Plan 2015 vs 2014

I was looking at the dining plan table service restaurants for 2015 vs. 2014 per the Disney Dining Plan PDF, and there are several exclusions. I understand that there may be some non Disney restaurants added at Downtown Disney later but some of the exclusions are in the parks. Is this normal and they will be included later or have they truly been excluded for 2015? We are planning our dining reservations for a July trip and would like to consider some of these if they will be included. Thanks so much

Exclusions for 2015
Big River Grille & Brewing Works * (L,D)
Maya Grill (D)
La Hacienda de San Angel (D)
Nine Dragons Restaurant (L,D)
Restaurant Marrakesh (L,D)
San Angel Inn Restaurante (L,D)
Teppan Edo (L,D)
Tokyo Dining (L,D)
Tutto Italia Ristorante (L,D)
Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria (L,D)
Rainforest Café® (B,L,D)
Yak & Yeti Restaurant (L,D)
Bongos Cuban Cafe TM (L,D)
Crossroads at House of Blues® (L,D)
Paradiso 37 (L,D)
Planet Hollywood® (L,D)
Portobello Country Italian Trattoria (L,D)
Raglan RoadTM Irish Pub and Restaurant (L,D)
Rainforest Cafe® (L,D)
Splitsville Luxury LanesTM (L,D)
Wolfgang Puck® Grand Cafe

Those are all restaurants that are operated by companies other than Disney. It’s normal for those to be added at the last minute.

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@Jshadd, I was concerned about the excluded restaurants as well, but noticed when I went to the individual restaurant’s reservation page via Disney’s website that some of them indicated that the 2015 dining plan was accepted. For example, I have reservations for Raglan in January of 2015 and it states on my reservation that the 2015 dining plan is accepted.

I hope this helps

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Thanks so much

I’m hoping Raglan Road IS still on 2015 dining plan because we have upcoming reservations there. Could you please let us know if you were able to use the dining plan at Raglan Road?

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@Gussy30, my reservation is for the end of January. I’m anticipating that the dining plan is accepted since it clearly states on my reservation that I can use my 2015 table service dining plan. I will update this post after we eat at Raglan. Our reservation is for Wednesday, Jan 28.

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My reservation says the 2015 Dining Plan is accepted, too. I’m sure it’ll be no problem but it would be great to hear back from you to confirm. Thanks for doing that. Enjoy your WDW vacation :slight_smile:

Our last trip was the first time we had the DDP with enough advance warning to look at DDP restaurants. This list was very much like the list I saw then. Eventually almost all, if not all, of those dining options were back on the table, so to speak, and participated in DDP.

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I had noticed the difference in the 2014 v. 2015 dining plans when I was trip planning back in November. I wanted a booking at Tutto Italia but it was not on the 2015 dining plan. I was just clicking around on the Disney site about a week ago and found that Disney has updated the 2015 dining plan list. Tutto Italia was on it and so were about a dozen others that were on the 2014 plan.

Well, we made it to Raglan road after a very cold (and longer than anticipated boat ride/walk) from POR. It was our first meal using our 2015 dining plan and were able to use the dining plan just fine. The only issue we had was that we were not given the option to order an appetizer for our table service meal. We were told the plan included a drink, entree and dessert (since this was the first use of a table service credit, I did not realize that an appetizer should have been included, so I didn’t push the issue…)

Overall, the food and atmosphere were good.

Actually, the DDP is just the entree, desert and drink. An appetizer is extra. Edit: So you didn’t miss out on anything, unless you wanted to order one and didn’t. We usually do if the restaurant is some place we haven’t eaten before.

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