Dining package show arrival time

So we were going to splurge do these meals anyway, and saw for a few more bucks we could do the dining package for the shows, so we decided to try it. Festival of Fantasy at Tonys, Rivers of Light at Tusker House, and Fantasmic at H &V. My question is, with the dining package how early do we actually need to show up? Does it really save that much time waiting, or is just the comfort of knowing you will have seats? Is the seating any better? This is new territory for me. Thanks!

I think it varies from show to show. For ROL we have not arrived super early but we get great seats. I took a photo of EE from Flame Tree at 8:15 and then we headed over, probably arrived about 8:25-8:30 and we had fabulous seats for the 8:45 show.

I have heard that for Fantasmic you really do need to still arrive early.

I can’t speak at all to FOF except to say I think it’s really and totally unnecessary.

For RoL I think 20 minutes would be fine. FoF May npbe unnecessary, but I watched from that area when it was the fast pass area and it was amazing. The characters all turn and interact with the reserved area and you can get curbside view.

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I heard the dragon is back!

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Really? So fast?

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I was shocked, but I saw it on the internets so it must be true.

(seriously I heard it the other day)

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Thanks yall for the help. Noted I can probably wait closer to showtime for ROL but probably still need to get there early for Fantasmic. Would love to be about 6 rows up. Far enough to be close but not get wet! I felt like FoF was probably not necessary too, but my son really wants to eat at Tony’s, and after I did the math, it wasn’t but like $10 more than what we would’ve spent anyway. Hoping it at least gets my little ones curbside. The whole trip is to celebrate my oldest turning 5, his sister is 2, so anything that gets them closer to the action or a little interaction will be worth it!


Well then there you go! Good on you :slight_smile:

And my son will be soooo happy if the dragon is back. That’s what he is most looking forward to in the parade, and I had already prepped him it may not be there because of the accident. Think I’ll keep my mouth shut, and if it is back, it will be a great surprise. THose photos are amazing BTW!


Isn’t that an interesting account, @OBNurseNH? Great photos, too.

I’m hearing MK has been particularly busy this month so far.



For Fantasmic, we were told (on the paper tickets) to show up 30 minutes early. We did and our line was going in alongside everyone else in the actual arena, with CMs checking tickets at the specific seating area, which was roped off.

At around 15 minutes before the show, the rope was taken down, but everyone else was still being directed round to the side areas. I imagine our area was full and if you hadn’t arrived by then you’d just have to sit elsewhere, not in the reserved area.

So you need to show up when they say at the latest, or all it is is a guarantee of getting a seat somewhere. If you left it until 5 minutes before, you likely wouldn’t get in at all.

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I’m ready to be blamed.

Not so much. I’ve rebooked it. I’m going to start a new thread to explain why.

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That should be fun lol!