Dining outside wdw

just back from dis. so naturally planning next trip haha. spent so much on dis food. next trip 4 nites offsite, 4 nites onsite. have car. so what are some suggestions to save $ b4 we hit the bubble? also have 2 vegetarians in fam. looking for some healthy, ethnic type options, plus hopefully coupon type savings offsite.

My top recommendation is going to be one you probably haven't heard of: Nile Ethiopian Restaurant, on International Drive. @Journey_On and I love this place. It's very unique food items, and a very unique eating style (no utensils, you use the spongy-bread they serve it with to pick up all your food). There are four or five separate vegan items, or you can get a platter of all of them. What we've done a couple times is gotten the Chef's Platter, which is a combination of 8 different items, four vegan and four meat-based, and each taken our respective halves. Great tasting, different foods. I don't know anyone who's been and hasn't liked it.

A ways away from the parks is Yellow Dog Eats, up in Gotha. It's a sandwhich, wraps, and bbq pork counter service restaurant. I've never seen it not packed, everyone who goes loves it. One of the few places in town where @Journey_On actually has a tough choice to make every time she goes, rather than just the one or two only vegetarian items you find on most menus. My personal favorite is the Buffalo Soldier.

Finally, it's a chain restaurant, but a good one. Back on International Drive, is Yard House. Fairly typical American / Steakhouse type place, with approximately a million beers on tap (if that's your sort of thing). Nearly every dish on the menu can have the meat replaced with the Gardein equivalent, making it another place where vegetarians actually have a wide selection to choose from.

Hope this helps!


Not ethnic, but our go-to for dinner once a week is Sweet Tomatoes, which is a combination soup/salad/pasta/potato bar. Lots of vegetarian options, and good healthy eating. There's one at either end of property (one in Crossroads and one just past Sherberth Road/Animal Kingdom on 192.

thanks, Mr Itty and Mascardo. Ethiopian is also one of my fam's faves - but we've only been able to find it either at montreal or dc. so sounds like a plan. also good to know that a healthy option exists nearby with Italian as well.

We went to a place called India Palace today that is about 5 minutes from Downtown Disney -- really awesome food and very accommodating for different needs. (They are even able to cater to Jain religious folks, which is something that most restaurants can't do.)

We couldn't get the coupon on their site to work, but their lunch special was really awesome and very reasonable.


@mascardo- wow, now that's impressive re the jains, can't imagine what they'd serve re them. I follow a meditation group out of punjab, so we're very strict dietary-wise, but the jains def outdo us I'm sure. thanks for the info, will def check that restaurant out - sounds pretty cool.