Dining Opinions

Heading down to WDW for one night prior to a cruise, then for 11 nights after that. What do you think of my choices? Please note I am a picky eater, so things that are too spicy or different do not interest me. Any other recommendations?

Arrival day: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Lunch @ Chef Art’s
Late Dinner @ Blaze

Day 1 (non-park day): :partying_face:
Lunch @ Chicken Guy
Late Dinner @ The Boathouse

Day 2:
Lunch @ Food & Wine Festival
Dinner @ Plaza Restaurant

Day 3:
Lunch @ 50’s Primetime
Dinner @ Yorkshire Fish (UK CS)

Day 4:
Lunch @ Liberty Tree Tavern
Dinner @ Yak & Yeti counter service

Day 5:
Lunch @ Food & Wine Festival
Dinner @ Beaches & Cream

Day 6:
Lunch @ Flame Tree BBQ
Early Dinner @ Citricos

Day 7:
Lunch @ Casey’s
Dinner @ Rose & Crown

Day 8:
Lunch @ Food & Wine Festival
Dinner @ Woody’s

Day 9:
Lunch @ Sci-Fi Dine-In
Dinner @ Columbia Harbour House (if it’s reopened)

Day 10:
Lunch @ either Animal Kingdom or POFQ
Dinner @ Via Napoli

Day 11:
Lunch @ Crystal Palace
Dinner @ Food & Wine Festival

Day 12: (Departure day :frowning: )
Lunch @ Disney Springs


That is quite the impressive lineup. How about Topolino’s, possibly a Day 9 dinner, if CHH is not open.

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That’s a great list, just thought of Regal Eagle at EP as an option.


These options are all great!

The one thing that stood out to me as that you would be eating two meals at DS two days in a row. That means you would have to spend 4-5 hours at DS each of those days. I know many people would enjoy that, but not me! I like to dine and dash. I could maybe do one day where we stayed long enough for two meals. (We did a snack at Chicken Guy before our dinner at Art Smith’s.)

Unless you were planning to go back to your hotel room in between? Also an option, but a lot of transportation.

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So the arrival day is just a room only the night before heading to Port Canaveral for a Disney Cruise. The flight arrives in the morning, so the plan is to go to the resort, drop my bags, then head over to DS to walk around & have lunch. Head back to the resort & to the room (won’t unpack as I leave for PC the next morning), go for a swim in the pool & chill, then head back to DS for dinner.

The 2nd arrival day is a non-park day, as I’m not sure what time in the morning I’ll arrive at the French Quarter from PC, so the plan that day is to check in, drop my bags & take the boat to DS for lunch & a wee bit of shopping, then head back to the resort to unpack, go for a swim, then head back to DS for dinner later that evening.

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Looks amazing!

The only thing I would make sure is to check the closing time of Yak & Yeti quick service. It closed at 5 or 6 when I was there in May. And for hollywood studios QS, maybe change it to Docking Bay 7 instead of Woody’s. Inside vs a handful of picnic tables outside.


Ah if you are at POFQ that makes more sense! Good plan.

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I’m starting to think that on Day 1 (day before the cruise), have lunch @ Chef Art’s, then a late dinner @ O’Hana’s, then watch the Halloween fireworks from there after. Thinking that may be a fun way to start this vacation!

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I just had a horrible exp at Plaza march 2020…so I would change that- but I understand if you are looking for a lighter option. Is R/C opened? When we were there in March 2021 is was closed? But Bar was open.

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I do see RNC open so disregard that part

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I would change woodys to something else like a restaurant in one of the nearby resorts. I didn’t like it.

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Just a heads up, Tomorrowland Terrace has some of the CHH menu. Hopefully it will be open soon but at least some of the menu is available even if CHH isn’t open.