Dining in orlando


Any suggestions for dinner in Orlando with 3 kids? We are already hitting Disney springs for 1/2 day earlier in the week. Someone said there are some killer chinese buffets? Thoughts appreciated!


We picked up a pizza from Giordano’s. Super good. You can eat there as well, although we did pick-up and brought it back to our condo.

Three locations:



We like Bruno’s Italian Restaurant for pizza and Italian food. It is VERY good food and moderately priced. It’s not fancy but the food is AWESOME! When we are staying offsite we usually eat there twice, once for pizza and once for pasta!


Wish I could help, but my non-Disney dining is much more adult oriented and would be considered “signature” by Disney standards…


Sweet Tomatoes is our one must off property spot. Salad bar with fresh pre-made salads and a myriad of toppings for make your own. Fresh baked breads and desserts, pizzas, pastas and homemade soups. It never disappoints. The items change based on the season and they use fresh ingredients in all of their foods. And if you’re not typically a salad bar person, don’t discount Sweet Tomatoes. It’s not your typical salad bar place. Finally, if you go, sign up for their emails because they send out weekly coupons. No reason to pay full price.


I’ve never been to Sweet Tomatoes, but it sounds a LOT like Soup Plantation, a chain that DW and I went to quite a lot when we lived in San Diego. If I was planning an off-site meal and didn’t want to go deluxe, I would certainly consider it.


It is soup plantation! The emails and the website is Soup Plantation/Sweet Tomatoes.:blush:
I think it’s Sweet Tomatoes outside of California.


In that case, I add my high recommendation to the list!