Dining in Disney Springs

Going to WDW in September with three of my friends (all aged 19) - we need to choose two out of three possible DS restaurants:
Morimoto Asia
The Boathouse
The Edison
I love Morimoto Asia and the Boathouse but have never been to The Edison so not sure which to choose?
Also, two of my friends are vegetarian so there is that to consider when choosing.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Depends on the time of your dinner reservation…I decided on Boathouse (dining there May 4) instead because I needed a ressie after 9pm and according to TP the Edison cranks up the music really loud at 9pm.

The Edison is fun but does not rank even close to your other two. It’s more of a spot to duck into for a snack and a drink for me. I personally would
Never schedule a full meal there espyof I could go to boathouse or morimotoq


Ok thanks guys, will book Morimoto and Boathouse

Raglan Rd is one of my all-time favorites in WDW. Morimoto is also very good. I was disappointed with my meal at the Boathouse - but I seem to be in the minority on the one. I’ve recently read outstanding reviews of of Jaleo, so that will be on my list for my next trip.