Dining Hours Extended After Park Hours Extended?

I made a reservation for Tiffins at 4:55 when AK was scheduled to close at 5pm. Since then, AK hours have been extended until 6, so I’d like to eat later, but the dining hours still say Tiffins is only open until 5.

Does anyone have an idea of how long after park hours are extended they open up later dining hours? I already have my two TP dining alerts set, so I keep checking back but don’t want to waste too much time :slight_smile:


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They may not open them up more. I think the best you can do is have the res vinder working for you.


I have been hoping for more dining hours at MK but have not seen later dining to go with the extended park hours. I keep checking. Res Finder keeps checking.

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Update! It’s been about 2 weeks since the park hours changed. I randomly checked today and was able to move back two dining time slots for the Plaza and also for Tiffins.

It looks like both were extended until their respective park close times (for example, the drop down times for Tiffins before only showed it was available until 5pm, but now show later time slots). Both had multiple times available in the later time slots, so good luck to anyone else searching!!