Dining Feedback wanted for upcoming ADR day

Our ADR is coming up in a couple weeks for a September stay. I’d appreciate any feedback on whether or not it looks like I got the order right for booking! Also, do I even have a shot at Story Book Dining for 8 at +1?

Storybook +1
Topolino brunch +5
BOG Lunch +1
Royal Table breakfast (for 4) +4
Ohana +4
Sanaa arrival day
Boma +2
Boma +3

I appreciate your help! I’ve learned so much already from this forum!

You’ll have no problem getting Storybook at 180 plus 1. I got the exact time I wanted at 180.
Good luck!

For what you posted I don’t believe you should have a problem if your talking a 6 month window. Storybook might be a little iffy but it isn’t all that hard to get generally. Royal Table and Ohana for sure are the hardest to get with Storybook be next.