Dining during Very Merry Christmas Party

Have a 8:00 special “Christmas Party dining” reservation at Be Our Guest during the Very Merry Christmas Party, and I’m wondering if it’s worth bothering with given the other events going on at that time - we could always get dinner earlier outside the park. We have little kids (6 and 4). I’m a little confused by the calendar for the event and am interested in whether it’s worth a lot of effort to either try to move this earlier or cancel it.

I think you know what is best for your family but I would not pay for a Christmas Party and then spend an hour or more of that time at a sit down meal, missing prime time at the party.

Personally I wouldn’t have an 8pm ADR during a party, when we went with similar aged kids our ADR was 5 or 5:30pm.

Thanks, that makes sense. It was hard for me to figure out what actually went on at various hours of the party. Didn’t want to miss the main event for a meal.