Dining dilemma

Helping a friend book dining. They want Be our guest and Space 220 (different days) which do you think is the higher priority? (Aka which should I book first) Also they are insisting on rainforest cafe??? Can anyone assure me this is a remotely good option ? Just for my own peace of mind :rofl:
thank you all so much!

Space 220 is the priority. This will book up quickly at 60+ days out.

Rainforest Cafe is a solid choice. The menu is varied, the food is not fancy but good, and the atmosphere keeps kids entertained. It is not fine dining by any means and it is loud, but we hit it up sometimes at my kids’ request.


I’m in agreement on Rainforest Cafe. Many people overlook it or complain, because there are places people like better. But we’ve had enjoyable experiences there each time, and it has been such a neat atmosphere for the kids. Mine love it and we live nowhere close to any kind of restaurants like that at home. We like to try new restaurants but if we cant get those reservations, we’ve been happy at RF.

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I haven’t been to RFC in WDW but twice to the one in Atlantic City and my daughter said it’s her favorite restaurant ever cuts really a neat experience for kids.

@momfourmonkeys @Flutegarden @goofinaround Thanks so much! You were right about Space 220, went for it first but couldn’t get it, did get BOG. So glad to hear about Rainforest, I will now have to consider it a sleeper hit! Thanks again

Great! How far out did you book Space?

I was making reservations this morning for someone - they love Rainforest Cafe so much they are doing it twice (and always do!)

I would have advised you as the others did as well. Sorry you didn’t get Space220 - definitely set up the res finder and stalk that baby. You’ll get it in time for travel.

I was surprised I didn’t get H&V for any dates - I’m thinking it isn’t loaded in yet because that one is popular but not that popular!


I was trying to get Space at 60+1 That is very odd about H&V I have been able to get that easily before, that does seem like a glitch

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What is the specific date you are looking for for space220?

A friend here at work was able to snag one that she doesn’t think she will end up keeping because of family preferences that may override her wishes in the end.

If it’s the same date (I’m not sure what her date is - I’d ask) maybe we could arrange drop/add


I would let expect it available at +1. Hopefully a reservation finder comes through.


Trying to get 12/5 4ppl for dinner

I’ll ask her what date she is holding after my next call and let you know

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Her ressie is for the end of her trip, on the 10th

:confused: thanks so much for trying!

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I just read in chat that no one can get H&V. Thinking they haven’t opened it up yet. I’d keep checking/set an alert.

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Yes that’s exactly what I’ve done :slight_smile:

Yeah Space 220 has to be at the end of your trip if you are to have any hope. And/or a leading reservation.

Or diligence and dining alerts and a willingness to be patient and know if you get in that 24-72hr range you’ll probably get what you’re after


Honestly I haven’t had a ton of success with TP res finder for the past year. And no success with any res finder (even paid ones) for space. I’m sure it happens, but it’s never happened for me.

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I’ve had success with res finder
but also stalking like a mofo

and like I said once you’re in that 24-72hr window, TONS of availability opens up.