Dining dilemma!

We are heading to Disney in October so trying to figure out my ADRS. We are doing a split stay with 7 days at POFQ with QSDP (free dining offer in the UK) and then 5 days at AOL (renting DVC points)! During our second part I was thinking of booking a few buffet meals, late breakfast at Tusker House (RoL dining package if possibl) and late lunch at Crystal Palace on another day.

I’m just wondering how long buffet meals take, I’m worried that the late breakfast may make us miss the best touring time. Any thoughts would be appreciated :slight_smile: DBF doesn’t really get disney planning but I know this forum does :wink:

With most buffets they take as long as you want - you can be finished really quickly. If you want to see all the characters, it’s hard to say. We had a 10.30 at TH and left about 11.20 having seen all the characters and some twice, if that helps. I had budgeted 90 minutes.

DS is 4 so we’ve done a lot of character meals. Typical time for us to see all the characters is an hour and we are finished eating

You can always do rope drop and tour early, then go for a late breakfast. I would say about an hour too.

You didn’t feel it messed with touring too much?? I probably just need to relax but it’s so hard to when you love to plan :wink:

Rope drop is always in the plan :wink: liners have taught me well!


Not at all, I made a touring plan and it was in there so fully accounted for.


This was my plan - it was for Aug, not Oct, don’t know why it says that. Dinosaur was down for refurb, and we were leaving at 4.30 for a meal at Boma. After the plan ended we did single rider on EE 3 times.

You sound like me with the planning. We did Tusker House with 4 adults for an early lunch and it took 90 minutes ONLY BECAUSE My husband was chowing down and loved the food. The rest of us were finiished in under an hour and saw all the characters. It was a less busy time of year, but it is a buffet. Try and go at off times - early or late lunch or late breakfast and then and hour should be plenty

Sorry been a manic few weeks! Thanks for sharing your plan, much appreciated! Definitely going to be booking it now, getting excited now (only 200 days to go!!!)

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