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We have a vacation planned for WDW coming up in March 2017. For this trip, the deluxe dining plan has been purchased and will be visiting Epcot during the International Flower and Garden Festival. I have already booked reservations for our breakfast and dinner meals. As for the lunch meal credit, can we, and how do we, convert one of the dining credits for snack credits (I believe it is three) so that we might use them at the outdoor kitchen kiosks? How does this work? There are four people in my party - three adults and one child. Does everyone need to convert a meal or can the child still have a regular meal if she chooses while the three adults choose to sample from the kiosks for the lunch time meal? Do all three snack credits need to be used at the same vendor?

I don’t know if this has been previously discussed but would appreciate your help.


Before I go into able what you are asking, remember you get 2 snacks per person per night and these snack credits can be used there at EPCOT during the Festival

I have not heard of being able to do what you are asking. I do know that you can convert a QS for 3 snacks, of which all must be used right away and at the same location.

I do know you can use a TS at a QS location but as many will point out, it is not a good value and you will start to loose money on the plan instead of saving money.

Lastly, when it comes to the cost, as far as what the value of each TS credit is worth, switching it to a QS is not a good idea as the value of a QS is much lower then the value of a TS, also converting QS to 3 snacks is not really a good value as the value of a snack, on the very high end is $5 to $6, and 3 snacks would only come max of $18.

I definitely see you point in regard to the value aspect, however, I just don’t want to see a member of my small party having to pay out of pocket for food at an interesting kiosk when we otherwise have dining credits. As far as the 2 snacks credits that come with the plan, using them at the time we plan to be in the World Showcase area (around noon) won’t leave anything for a midday and a later evening snack. That’s where I guess I thought I could convert a dining credit for snack credits to take advantage of the different Festival offerings being served.

When I had deluxe dining I used my snack credits at the food booths. Remember, each person has two snack credits per day. If you have a five night trip that would be 10 snack credits per person.

You will be trading a TS credit for 3 snacks- or a $40 value for about $18?

Edited to add- I forgot- each person gets an appetizer at each meal with the deluxe plan- so a $50 value. Really, the deluxe plan is a lot of food.

Honestly, with deluxe dining you won’t be able to stuff another food item inside of you besides the 3 TS meals a day, it it so much food! We don’t use the DDP anymore, and usually eat 2 TS meals a day (11am and 6 or 7pm). We do not snack in between at all, we would never be able to eat dinner. If you have never done the deluxe plan it may be hard to believe this. We did it for 2 nights/3 days and I felt sick by the end, and we are big eaters.
You can’t use your TS credits from the deluxe plan to get snack credits, only QS credits work this way. My suggestion on the deluxe plan, and it will be plenty of food, is to use 1 credit for a TS breakfast and have a 2 credit dinner. That leaves the 2 snack credits for lunch at the kiosks. Believe me, you will be full. You will not be able to eat a midday snack or late evening snack, it just isn’t possible! By about day 3 you may never want to eat another meal. :wink:

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Listen to @Wahoohokie! On the deluxe plan I have had signature dinners every night. The problem is that with the appetizer, entree and dessert you are not hungry in the morning! That is why your first meal is at 11:00!

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Thanks - I understand that the plan offers a great deal of food and the reason I booked the DDP is to do Cinderella’s Table without short changing another meal during our stay. I only asked about that conversion is because I figured it was a way of sampling the kiosks as our midday meal rather than another table service. I am not terribly concerned with the “value” as long as I am getting my money’s worth in this instance. If in the same day one meal is worth $35, another is worth $50, and two snacks are $12, then $18 still drives the total over what I paid for the plan. The trip is also about having fun, enjoying my family, and experiencing new things. If I have made a mistake, oh well.

Deluxe Dining Plan includes:
3 meals (any combination of table-service and quick-service)
2 snacks
1 refillable mug

You are correct that you can use any combo of TS and QS meals. It is 3 credits per night to be used as you see fit over the course of your trip. Honestly, there is no reason for Disney to say no to your request, I think we are just assuming that you will have more snack credits than you think. Enjoy!

Yes, my point is exactly what @PrincipalTinker said, in that 2 snack credits a day will go far. Not that you need to drop the deluxe dining or anything. I just don’t think you will be short snack credits, and you won’t need to pay out of pocket. Take advantage of deluxe dining and book some signature 2 credit restaurants, you will not be disappointed! Tiffins, Jiko, California Grill, Flying Fish, Le Cellier, and Hollywood Brown Derby would be some great options. Enjoy!

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