Dining Choices?

Hi there! This is my first post on the forum so bear with me haha. Nine months out from our next trip so I am starting to look at ADRs. Character meals are becoming a big priority for us. I’m thinking I will put our rough plan for feedback and also help deciding which times to choose.
First question… how do pre-rope drop ADRs work? How early can you get one during a 9 AM opening? How do you get into the park early for it? Will they let you into the park once you’re finished eating?
Anyway, our group includes a teen, a middle-aged adult, a senior, and a 10YO. Here’s our rough plan:

First day: 9 PM arrival, straight to resort (POFQ) and to bed.

Day 2: EPCOT
Akershus Royal Banquet (breakfast, lunch, or dinner?)

Day 3: MK
Crystal Palace (breakfast, lunch, or dinner?)

Day 4: Break day
Dinner at 1900 Park Fare

Day 5: HS
Hollywood & Vine dinner

Day 6: AK
Tiffany’s or Yak and Yeti??

Day 7: Bon Voyage Breakfast at Boardwalk Resort
Departure in afternoon

Any thoughts? Anyone have good or bad experiences at these restaurants? Thanks so much for any help!

Y&Y is a solid table service restaurant. Tiffins is a signature “fine” dining restaurant. Top of the line food, but about twice the cost of Y&Y.

Most of the items at Tiffsns are only about 30-50% More. The price difference is not as drastic as you might think.

We loved Akershus - great character interactions. The food at lunch and dinner is a little unusual, so if you have picky eaters, I would recommend breakfast. We enjoyed dinner there, but we are also adventurous, non-picky eaters. Maybe check the menu. Also, if you get an early (i.e. around 8am) reservation, that might give you a head start on riding FEA so you can ride Soarin or TT with your one tier one fpp. Just a thought.

CP is great. Our best meal there was scheduled around 10:30 or 10:45 so it made a nice break from our touring (we started at EMH at 8, so by 10:30 we were ready for some AC and fluids) and we got breakfast food, then while we were there they changed the buffet to lunch, so we got both, which was nice. We ate a big meal, toured for a few more hours after, then went back to our resort to rest/swim that later in the afternoon.

Always wanted to try dinner at 1900 - we did breakfast and that was fabulous (but it’s different characters for breakfast and dinner).

I personally do not like Hollywood and Vine, but lots of other people do, and I hear the evening character interactions are good. People also really like Tusker House at AK and I loved the food there. The character interactions were also pretty fun. So you could consider doing something else as HS (my family really loves 50s, and I had a good time at Sci Fi too - fun themeing even if there aren’t characters, per se) and TH the next day. Although Tiffins and Y&Y are both excellent. Tiffins was one of the BEST meals I’ve had at WDW, and Y&Y is a family fav. I think the restaurant game in AK and AKL is top notch - too many good choices in that neck of the woods!!

We are trying the bon voyage breakfast for the first time in July, so I have no opinion, but I can’t wait to meet those characters!!

Other favorite character meals - Ohana breakfast (we like the food better at dinner but my family is Lilo and Stitch crazy! and they only appear at breakfast), and Garden Grill at Epcot. We love chip and dale. We love that the restaurant rotates slowly around the LWtL scenes. We’ve done both breakfast and dinner there and would recommend both. A breakfast ressie (around 8am) would also give you a slight advantage getting to Soarin at RD with a short wait, so you could use your other tier 1 fpp on either TT or FEA. I could go on and on about GG, but we really love it.

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