Dining Cancellation policy change?!?

The change hasn’t been confirmed by Disney, but apparently reports are that Disney isn’t requiring 24 hour notice for cancellations or else you are charged…according to this: Surprise Changes to Disney's Dining Cancellation Policy - Disney Dining

The article points out it might just be a glitch. But if it isn’t, I can sort of see the advantage this offers Disney, because if people can cancel much more last minute, it will allow more people to get last minute/walk-up reservations.

The down side, if true, is that those who wait until the day before to look for an ADR for the next day might now have a harder time because there won’t be a mass drop of ADRs the night before.


I don’t think Disney has ever stated that ADRs that can be cancelled in the app do not automatically have a $10 per person charge. I might be overly suspicious but I would not be surprised if the charge does show up.

Thanks for flagging! Apparently, this applies to cancellations made in MDE. But the official dining cancellation policy has not been changed (yet). It also doesn’t apply to prepaid dining.

I’m chat it really seems like it’s a glitch because it’s gone. This was yesterday. This is actually worse because of the adr horders.

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Yesterday the ability to make/modify/cancel ADRs was down for maintenance, and I needed to modify one. A CM was able to do it manually for me.

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Are you sure this wasn’t just for a short period after the Hurricane? We were there during the hurricane when the parks closed for two days and the cancelation policy was change for a short time period

Of course the charge will show up. Just another way for Disney to make more money. :heavy_dollar_sign: