Dining Calculator Tweaks

I love this new feature! Just a couple little tweak requests. It’s a little tough to differentiate adult entrees and kids meals. My guys are in that between stage where they’re old enough that Disney considers them adults for pricing, but they aren’t adults. So for some of our meals, they’ll order adult entrees, and at other places the menu will be too adventurous for their taste and they’ll just get a mac and cheese or something.

So with that said, the two tweaks that would help accuracy:

  1. Allow a selection of both number of adult entrees and number of child entrees
  2. Maybe break the table service up into a fine dining, V&A category and the more mid level table services. Or perhaps a category for the AYCE fixed price buffets.

But all in all, a wonderful tool! This TP subscription has paid for itself many times over. You guys do great work!