Dining at Universal during peak season

Suggestions for good dining at Universal on the dining plan. Older kids. Don’t need characters. Thanks!

The universal dining plan is very bad value and not recommended by tp. CS 3 broomsticks, leaky cauldron, simpsons food court TS Mythos and most of city walk the new Cowfish is supposed to be good we are going to do Margaritaville next visit. And the hotel restaurants are good also. Bookings are done via open table up to 30 days in advance ( cowfish Is currently walk up only last I heard) Hope this helps. You might get more replies on the uni lines app.


Leaky and Broom are now on the dining plan, but I agree I’m against all dining plans.

Since they changed the menus the quick service plan is actually a good deal depending on what you order, but don’t buy it until you are at the restaurant. See our dining plan info here: http://touringplans.com/universal-orlando/universal-dining-plan

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