Dining and FP reservations - parties not staying on property

So we are staying on-property next year, however…we have some friends that, while going to the Orlando area, are not staying on property. They do plan on spending a day or two at Disney…so here are my questions:

Fast Pass:

  • I am going to book our FP 60 days out, but they obviously cannot until 30 days out…are the options at that point going to be hard to match up with ours? not even sure that can be answered, but i guess i’m looking for people that have dealt with a similar situation.


  • they do plan on joining us for a dinner or two…either at the resort or at the park. Can I book a reservation for them 180 days out when i make our reservations? Do i need to “link” their ticket reservations to ours in the MDE app? Are they allowed to join us at the resort for a meal even though they are staying off property?

For Dining you’ll have no issues. Just book your reservation for the larger number of people and you’re all set. I would provide them your room # if they are driving to the resort so they can get through the parking security with no issues. They may need to provide your name & room number to be let in with a car - if they were to bus/boat/monorail over that wouldn’t be needed either.

I’m less certain about the FP & will defer to someone that knows definitively. You probably do want to link your accounts so you can make FP for all when the time comes - I’m not sure if you getting 60 days on FP can extend to your friends or not.

The 60 day booking window for fastpasses is already being opened up to Disney good neighbor resorts. Also, if you add your friends to your MDE account, and they have tickets linked to their names, you can book their fastpasses at 60 days without them having to stay on property.