Dining Alert Options

What are your favorite websites for dining alerts? I have 2 set on TP, but I have wondered if the paid sites are worth the costs? I found MouseDining and MouseWatch. But, I’m hesitant to pay. Is this technically a no-no?
Should I even be discussing something that isn’t TP endorsed?:thinking:

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There are no rules about asking here or talking about other companies. I believe TP offers the free service (but pays people) to align with the Disney rules. It is really up to Disney to decide if other companies follow those rules?

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Do you think the pay service is worth it? I have 6 going in June and we would love to get Oga’s, Sci-Fi, and BOG.

It is not worth it for me. I will see what I can get on my own (the most fun) and then set up TP alerts for anything I don’t get. I will also track the park hours and look to book after the increase in hours.

Others think paying for ADRs are important. No matter what you decide you will make the right choice for yourself.


I don’t know how to link, but look up the thread on leading reservations for ADRs. That may be another option to consider.

MouseDining is well worth it to me. I got the annual plan before they raised the price last fall. But, I think you can sign up a month at a time and just cancel when you don’t need it anymore. And I think they still allow a few free alerts but email only…it works a lot better with text unless you are always looking at your email. I just work on the assumption that if Disney had a valid problem with it, they would shut them down. I’m sure they are very good at that! We usually have a larger party too and it is much harder to just find large group ADRs on your own. However, since you are still over 60 days out, I’d suggest trying at 60 days first using some of the strategies you will find here, then if you can’t get what you want try MD. TP works just as well and is fantastic especially since it allows you to search multiple days for one ADR. But the limit of 2 is tough when you have to, for instance. rework an entire trip’s ADRs at 30 days out.

I had no problem booking BOG for 7 on my ADR day. I did put it towards the end of my trip, but I could have gotten it in a couple of places on my plan.


On my ADR morning, I saw very little available for a group of seven on the first 3 days of my trip.

Try a Leading Reservation?