Dining ADR’s 60+10

I feel stupid asking this,. We are doing an 11 night stay in April and I am confused on something.I keep checking the calendar for April and I keep wondering how we make ADR’s for the end of our stay when the dates dont show open on the Disney calendar. Right now the calendar is only showing open until April 8th. What if that was our check in date? How would we be able to book ressie’s for like April 16-18th? Will we be able to make our ADR’s for all our dates even though the calendar isnt open?

Yes you will be able to make your reservations for the first 10 days of your trip. You will not be able to make them for your last day until you are 60 days out from your second day.

If you try to book and your calendar does not open, try booking it a different way - phone vs computer vs app. Or find different ways to get to the calendar - i.e. searching by restaurant first then date.

Basically, it should be open. But Disney IT is terrible. Deleting cookies can also help!

You can’t see the plus 10 yet because you’re not eligible to book yet.

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