Diner reservation found but not available

I was notified by touring plans that I had a reservation but didn’t here it come in. No problem with that but when I went to the link it apparently was gone (again no problem) but it led me to a page that on Disney that said the page was gone instead of to the reservation page. Is that how this works? If the reservation was wanted and I responded in a timely fashion would I have been put on the page to take the reservation if I hit the link?

When I have had the finder set up in the past I would get the text. I would then click the link. Sometimes the reservation would be immediately gone and Stitch would be eating the page . Sometimes I would get as far as logging into MDE (my log in and password are saved so it is one click) and then the reservation would be gone- I really do not like Stitch. When it worked- Each step- seeing the reservation, logging in, confirming and agreeing were there.

Make sure you restart your search! You will get it!

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Thank you I didn’t know how it worked and I was surprised to see Stitch

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I’ve had this when I’ve been too late - I think it just means it’s now gone.