Dinasaur, Mission Space Green, Star Tours, and Test Track

I don’t like roller coasters because of the drops. Can someone who has ridden the above rides let me know if they are tame compared to roller coasters? I would like to ride them all and from what I have read they are less intense than a roller coaster. Is that true? I don’t mind fast rides or scary rides, I just don’t like fast drops.


Me either! I have not done Mission Space but the others are not anything like rollercoasters. Dinosaur is rough and jerky and one of my favorite ride at Disney. It’s intense but not super fast and no drops. Star Tours is a simulator so it looks like there are drops (as you are flying in space) but you don’t actually. And Test Track involves a fast lap around a track. You should be fine. I’m going to be brave this trip and ride 7DMT (chickened out last two trips mainly bc one of my kids did too)–if that qualifies me to review these rides. Watch POV videos of each one on Youtube if you want to see for yourself.


I don’t like roller coasters because of the big drops either. I will ride BTMRR and 7DMT, but I don’t ride EE, SM, or RNR. I do ride all the rides that you mentioned. MS-Green is very fun with very little movement, mostly motion simulation. ST is also a motion simulator but is a little rougher ride. If I ever feel motion sick I just close my eyes. Dinosaur is even rougher than ST, but you are moving in a vehicle on a track. I loved it. The scariest one for me is TT. There are no big drops, but you do accelerate quickly a couple of times and that can bother me also. I think you get up to a speed of about 65mph on the outside portion in a banked turn around the building. Hope this helps.


Thanks that helps a lot.

Same here.

Happy to ride all the rides you list, although never done test track.

Rode 7dmt on my last visit, and also BTMR, which I had done many years ago but not since. Loved them both!

But I will not do Space (once was enough), EE, and really don’t like the drop on Splash. I think for me it’s also the sensation of being off the ground. So I wouldn’t do Barnstormer or Primeval Whirl.I just feel I’m going to fall out, or the whole car will fall off the track.

TBH I am afraid of heights. I love Soarin, but have to close my eyes a couple of times and cling on like a baby lol! But nothing will stop me doing it. It is my number 1 must do ride.

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