Digital Card?

So stuff just magically appears there if associated with your goggle account?

I think I had to click a button when checking into Southwest this morning to send it do Google Pay. I can test it out again on Monday when I check in for my flight home. :slight_smile:

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**Caution for language **Ok so 2 questions- (working with iPhone)

My AP linked through tickets and passes on the My Disney app by going through the Disney Magic Mobile.

  1. For the life of me I cannot seem to get my DVC card? It shows in the my profile - memberships & passes but no option for adding to Apple wallet.

  2. Do I need to do same thing through Disneyland app for upcoming trip?

*************************************************************For what is worth I am hating this- just had to upgrade the families cell phones so we can take a f$&@ trip to the parks…Especially now that MagicBands are finally supposed to be coming to California, announced at destinationD, it should all just be on the bleeping bands.

I have no idea. Hopefully someone with an iPhone can chime in.

Are you sure it’s not already there? If you open your Disney card in your Apple wallet and then touch the 3 dots top right corner in your Apple wallet and scroll down to see affiliations

When I went to WDW last 2 trips they said that’s my AP and not valid for discounts/perks ect and functioned at the tapstiles as my AP…. That was for Remy preview and again in November for destinationD

Had to bring up virtual card from website…

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Now it is that one card!