Difficulty creating Touring Plans with updates

Can someone please give me the rundown on how exactly I’m supposed to create plans after the LL updates? I’m marking that I want a LL & will get it at 7am but it’s recommending options at 3-5pm as my first choice and does not appear to be making the next selection at the earliest time? It’s really making it difficult to plan the rest of the day. Is my best option to force LL times? Even that doesn’t seem to work intuitively when I’ve tried it. I’ve made dozens of TPs in the past but am finding these changes make planning difficult. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions!

Mark that you aren’t using LL.

I’ll go in and put in the times I think I get the LLs based on previous trips and force it to use those times.

Honestly, I make TPs before I go just to make sure I can hit what I want and then don’t actually use them in the parks if I’m using G+. I get LLs I want and then move accordingly.

The only times I’ve used TP in the last several trips is when I’ve rope dropped Epcot and AK and was not using G+.

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