Different strategy for HS tier 1 FPs

Just been thinking about the new tiers for HS FPs. My current plan is to book Star Tours and a show I’m not bothered about as my tier 2 FPs and then try for another tier 1 as soon as possible. But…

What if you didn’t pre-book any FPs - would you be able to book a Tier 1 FP on the day, and then book another one straight after you’d used it?

This has never been a sensible strategy in the past as usually the parks with tiered FPs have
a) plenty of desirable tier 2 FPs and
b) very slim chance of obtaining a second tier 1 FP on the day anyway

Wonder whether this would be a better plan than trying to burn through 2 unwanted tier 2 FPs, as presumably there would still be some tier 1 FPs available on the day, since there are so many to choose from now?

I might keep an eye on the tier 1 FPs over the next few weeks to see what availability is like. If there is still lots of choice, I may just remove all my FPs for HS

What do you guys think?

No, because that instead one would count as one of your initial 3 FPs. And if those are all in one park, whether ahead of time or on the day, you have to follow the tiering rules.

You could do that and book another tier 1 in a different park.

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Huh, I did not realise that was the case.

Does that also mean that if you booked a tier 2 FP on the day (without having pre-booked any) that your second on the day FP could not be for the same attraction again, as your inital 3 FPs must be for 3 different attractions?

I always thought that if someone rocked up to a park with no FPs that they could just book up whatever was available, regardless of tiers etc

Yes it does.

The same rules apply whether you book in advance or on the day when you’re in the same park.


Ok, so if you pre-book one FP in one park (either tier 1 or 2) and then switch to another park, you can book a tier 1 in that second park. Could you then book a second tier 1 in that second park?

Not if it’s still part of your first 3. You could book a tier 1 in a 3rd park though.

So I could book a FP in one park, switch to second park, book a tier 1, then a tier 2, then go for another tier 1?

Yes, because it would be your 4th FP.

Right, so here is my idea, maybe it’s more trouble than it’s worth:
During EEMH, MK and AK open at 8 (so have FP from 8) and HS opens at 9.
I could book a FP in MK for 8am, but go to HS for EEMH. At 9am my MK FP will have expired, and same day HS FP will be available. I book one as close to 9 as possible, use it, book a second one, use it, then I’m free to grab as many tier 1 FPs as I can get my hands on, possibly before it’s even 10am (while most people are still using up their first HS FP)?

I’m not sure if it will work.

FPs often don’t expire if you’re not in the park at the time, they hang around and don’t count as 1 of your first 3. Not always, but often.

Also, you don’t get the ability to book in a second park until you’ve tapped into the first FP. I’m not sure how much that matters in your scenario, since you’ll be physically in HS, but I suspect you’ll be starting from scratch and need to book all 3 (2 tier 2s).

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Yeah, I’m probably over complicating things. I definitely don’t even have the guts to try what I’m suggesting, no way am I going to start my HS day with just 1 FP for a different park! That’s some hardcore liner stuff.

I guess I’ll just stick to my plan of trying to bring forward my second and third FPs as early as possible and see what’s left after they’re used up

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That’s a solid plan.

I’m a bit confused. In this TP video at 10:20, @Brian says that you can book a same day tier 1 Fastpass after only using one tier 1 and one tier 2 Fastpass. https://youtu.be/hd_NrCx1r4A?t=620

He does, we’re all as confused by it as you but apparently a TP staff member did it, I think last week? We don’t know if it was a glitch or the new normal.


Interesting… It’s my FastPass+ day tomorrow, so I should probably book at second Tier 2 FP just in case this turns out to be a glitch. If more folks end up confirming this is now the case, I assume I can then just cancel my second tier 2 FP a few days before the trip and instead focus on getting a second Tier 1 FP same day.

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IF it’s true, I would ASSume that if you book your 3rd FP as a Tier 2, you would also be able to modify it to a Tier 1, if you’ve already used your original Tier 1?

I’m very interested to hear if this true or was a mistake. I’m a bit skeptical. But if it DOES work after using the 2 pre-scheduled FPP, then I wonder if it’s even necessary to book any Tier 2?? Could you just book the Tier 1, use it, book another Tier 1, use it, lather rinse repeat??


Very interesting! I noticed that in the video, but thought he’d just misspoken. It’s probably too much to hope that’s the new normal, given how restrictive the new tiering rules will be after 8/29.


Brian has confirmed that someone did do it. I think it’s more likely to be a glitch but I’ll be watching with interest!