Ok, I have the link, used it before… Know exactly how it all works. I don’t need a date until the 1st week of Sept and I know they aren’t open yet, but when I go look at the availability calendar, it only shows me about a week or so from now. And I know people are booking through mid-Aug. Why isn’t it showing me more dates? Is it because my check in is still a while out?

I think that is the case.

I have only been able to use it once. The very first time. And since then it will not let me book. I created an MDE from my friends email when we went in June and for her the whole site opened up and all of our dates were in view.

I just logged in and this is the SAME message I have received ever since using the site the first time.

It may be an issue with using it more than once. Maybe it was intended for that? Of course we don’t really know that. I can tell you that registered awhile back and my trip isn’t until December but when I log in it shows my December trip dates. Seen a few others report the same issue you are, but when they called IT basically just referred them to the restaurant.

Maybe I will create a gmail acct for my husband and link it to our reservation. Maybe that will work.

Sounds like it might! Good Luck! :thumbsup: :four_leaf_clover:

Ok, I think that’s going to work. Hard to know for sure since our dates aren’t available yet, but it looks different than it does when I log in as myself.

@MagicMN try singing in as someone else in your party. I just created an acct for my husband and that seems to work better. Of course, it sounds like just about everyone is getting the email invite now, but it want to get a jump on it so that I can get the date/time I want.

Is walk up still available for BoG lunch? We’ve used walk up and FPP in the past. Walk up wasn’t a bad wait, maybe 20 minutes. I’m just concerned that we may not get a FP for it.

Yes it’s still available. And reasonably short if you go early or late. But I’ve seen reports that even when it was really busy around noon the wait was around 30-40 minutes. That’s an average Saturday going to eat here at home lol.

That’s what I was thinking too, get there early or late. Thanks for confirming! Hopefully I’ll get the FPP when the time comes.