Differences in Bay Lake Tower through DVC rental

I am renting points through Davids and staying in a one bedroom at BLT. I’ve heard housekeeping only comes every 4 days. However, what happens if you need extra towels/sheets/pillows- Do they still provide these type of things on request? Any other things I should know about when renting through DVC?

Housekeeping came on the fourth day, but all they did was empty the trash and replace the towels. I recall a note in the kitchen about how you could get additional towels, but I don’t remember what it said.

I doubt you’ll need additional towels unless you prefer to have a clean towel everyday; there were three towels by each shower and another couple of towels by the large tub.

We just got back yesterday and highly recommend renting points for BLT. Avoiding Disney’s transportation system to get to the Magic Kingdom is simply wonderful. Go ahead and use Touring Plan’s room finder and fax service; we didn’t get the exact room we requested, but we got something comparable.


You can phone housekeeping and ask. They may charge you, but apparently that’s inconsistent.

Alternatively you can speak to a housekeeper if you see them. We did that on our first stay, when the boys spilt juice all over the fold down bed!

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Our last 2 DVC stays, SSR for 4 nights and BLT for 4 nights, Mousekeeping came on the 3rd day to collect trash and change out towels as well as leave additional shampoo,etc. During a 7 night stay at OKW, Mousekeeping came on the 4th day changing everything. I don’t know how long your stay is, but that was our experience. They also leave extra trash bags in the bottom of the waste cans, so if you cook, as I do, you can carry out your trash to the designated areas between Mousekeeping visits. They do leave plenty of towels.

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