Difference between "Optimize" and "Evaluate" and how they work?

Can someone explain the use of the “Optimize” and “Evaluate” buttons particularly in real-time. Should I use either of these buttons during the course of actually going through a plan at a park or just update the plan in the morning then go with it?


Optimize takes all of the attractions in your plan and determines the best possible order for them, taking into account any FPP reservations you have entered. Evaluate just takes the plan in the order the attractions are listed and calculates how long it will take to complete. For future plans, both of them base the wait times on the Crowd Level predictions for the day.

If you are doing this while in the park, both options work the same, but only include attractions that you have not marked as “Done”. They also take into account the current park conditions rather than the initial predictions.

My strategy is to re-optimize (or re-evaluate) the night before, and then only re-optimize in the park if I start to go significantly off-schedule. If you do plan to re-optimize while in the park, be sure to mark attractions as done when you complete them, and be sure to mark the attraction that you just completed last before re-optimizing so that the app knows where you are.

My final plans are used by optimising initially then putting in fpp and re optimise. I then move a few rides around to a time/order that suits me but might result in a longer wait eg Kali river rapids then evaluate . Because of this I will not be able to use optimise in parks as it will change my personalised order but I could evaluate to get up to date predictions

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Thanks for all the explanations. I suspected these were the case but very much appreciate the confirmation/clarification!

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