Difference between a 9 and a 10 on the Crowd Calendar?

The crowd calendar for the week of Thanksgiving was just updated to reflect all 9’s and 10’s for the week (previously had a few 6’s). Should I look at reorganizing my days to take advantage of as many 9’s on the calendar or would the difference between a 9 and 10 be negligible?

If there wouldn’t be a noticeable difference between the two I’ll probably change my park reservations to give myself the largest lead times for my top choice dining reservations.

I think it’s a small difference and it’s just predictions, which due to covid are not as reliable as usual. Unless they are somehow special dates - holidays, emh in certain parks etc., I wouldn’t change based just on that 9 vs 10 prediction.

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Normally, difference between two adjacent CLs is minimal. However, you have to be careful with a 10. Two days both ranked a 10 can be widely different. A New Years Eve 10, for example, can be way worse than a 10 any other time of year. I suggest looking at historical wait times for those days to see how they compare.


The forecasted CL’s are basically a replication of the years prior to Covid. It was actually quite consistent year over year on Thanksgiving week for many years.
Crowd levels displayed in this order:
All Parks…MK…EP…HS…AK

This year’s Forcast:

Actual CL’s from 2019:

And 2018:

And yes, you can take a look at individual wait times from specific rides from these past dates

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This is great info, thanks. I wasn’t sure where to find previous years crowds.

I guess the move will be to arrange park days to give myself lead times for dining.

Sure thing! Oh I’m sorry, here:

Direct Link:


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i was worried about CL numbers changing for our June trip but then looked back at our old trips and the CLs were all 9-10’s but we crushed it with good plans. I’m back to not worrying.

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