Did we know this already? (on-line reservations)

So, Sunday was day 499 for our December 2020 anniversary trip. Although our Plan A is to rent DVC points at Boardwalk Villa and then have a final night at either Contemporary or Bay Lake (if we can get it via DVC).

But, since I want to be covered in all eventualities, I wanted to have a back-up plan ready. So, after some discussion, and trying to keep to our original budget, we decided to reserve 5 nights at Pop Century, and 3 nights at the Contemporary. If the DVC rentals come through at 11 months out, we can cancel the plan B reservations.

However, I was almost sure that you didn’t used to be able to book out 499 days on-line…it could only be done over the phone. To my surprise, I was able to easily book the Pop Century Preferred room on-line…and then, I immediately I booked the ENTIRE trip, instead of for 7 nights, easily (well almost easily) modified the trip to the correct 5 nights.

I now have to wait for the 499 days out from our Contemporary stay nights to book that. But is this new? I could have sworn that several months ago when I was looking to book a single night 499 days out for our May 2020 trip, I had to do it over the phone.


I think it depends when the rates for next year are released - once they are you can book online, before that you have to call.

I’m not certain though.

Ah. Okay. That makes sense. Sort of. I mean, not sure why Disney wouldn’t know the rates if they allow you to book them over the phone. Regardless of the reason, I was happy I didn’t have to actually call them.


Yes I’m glad it was an easy process for you.

The biggest issue I faced was that I booked the room for 7 nights instead of 5 by accident. After I paid, I tried to then look at my reservation in MDE, but it just kept circling me back to the login screen over and over. Finally, I had to open an Incognito tab and log in. Finally, it showed me the reservation so that I could modify it back to 5 nights. I really wish Disney would fix that!

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Question - what days in December 2020 were you able to reserve online? I’ve been looking to reserve a room only for 12/23/2020 to 01/01/2021and no rooms show available even though the calendar online appears to be open through 01/31/2021.

Well, starting Dec 1 in my case.

499 days out only for your starting date. Dec. 1 is 497 days out now. So 499 would be for starting Dec 3.

As far as I know the online booking opens in June for the following year up to Dec 31. Since your dates include 2021, it was not available.

I did an online chat with a CM to verify when I should call and book my reservation 499 days from check out. I was told Disney had changed their policy on that. You can now book online room only and packages 500 days from check in. I booked a room only starting 12-2 on 7-21.

I thought it was still 499 days, but I always though it was from check in date, not check out date. Wonder when the policy changed.

I was told 499 from check out previously and you had to call to do that. Whether that was was accurate or not was was told their policy changed