Did there used to be some kind of dinosaur ride at Epcot?

I feel like years ago - 2008ish - there was some kind of dinosaur ride at Epcot. Am I making that up? Am I confusing it with something else? I feel like it was a reticulated jeep-type car that went on a path/track with dinosaurs that jumped out at you? Did I drink too many Dole whips? Not enough?

I think you are remembering Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom

You might be mixing several attractions into one … Does things ring a bell:

The Universe of Energy was a pavilion located on the eastern side of Future World at Epcot, a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida. The pavilion contained one attraction, Ellen’s Energy Adventure, starring Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye, which was the second version of the show since the pavilion’s 1982 opening. The attraction featured a combination of four separate large-format film presentations and a slow-moving dark ride through audio-animatronic filled sets.


Hmm - Certainly could be. I definitely feel like it was on the left side if you’re facing the ball. Or could be losing my mind too. Lol. Thanks!!

It was absolutely the Universe of Energy. The first part was a movie, then the seating blocks traveled out of the theater and went through an elaborate “primeval world” that had a number of full-sized dinosaurs. The seats then entered another theater and the was a final movie. Here’s a complete ride-through

The dinosaur section starts at around 13:00.


When I read your question I immediately thought to myself, “yes, Ellen’s”. Thanks for the video @bswan26.

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and Jamie Lee Curtis and Alex Trebek were in it too

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YES!!! That was totally it!! Those huge giant moving seats from the auditorium. And it smelled moisty and primeval. That’s totally it! Thank you! I can sleep now. Lol.


Stupid Judy. Stupid energy.

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I’m assuming you meant to post that in the weather thread? :wink:

Yup sure did! Thanks

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