Did Star Tours change from 2015?

I had no trouble on Star Tours the one time I rode it in 2015. But now I’m seeing people saying it is a major motion sickness inducing ride. Is it different than 4 yrs ago? Maybe I am not prone to motion sickness. I don’t know. It seemed very tame but I don’t remember it much. I know they have changed it but did they make it more likely to cause sickness?

Not the ride mechanism or anything. The actual “missions” have been updated I believe.

I think it’s just one of those rides that some people can’t do and others have never had a problem with.

was it 3D in 2015? I know it makes me queasy, but I’m blaming it on age

Yes. This. The entire experience is different now with completely different scenes. The way the motion is for the new scenes very likely might be more problematic for people who tend to experience motion sickness.

Having said that, I think the truth is it is a case of the “complainers” are more vocal about their experience. (I don’t mean that in any derogatory sense…only that those who actually complain of experiencing motion sickness are much more likely to be vocal about it than anyone else!) As such, you tend to read and latch on to people complaining of becoming motion sick. I would wager that for MOST people, it is fine. But if you are a person who is more prone to motion sickness it is something to keep under advisement.

No one in my family was bothered by it.


Ditto. We happily rode it several times back to back.

If the stories that are worring you are from my post asking about FoP, then definitely take it with a heaping dose of context. That whole conversation is dominated by people who do get sick on rides, which is what I wanted, but obviously it’s not a representative cross section of the overall park going population.

Ride motions seemed the same comparing 2017 with now. Rode 2 times in 2017, 5 times now. All missions appeared to have the same level of movement.

No one in my group of 13 got motion sickness in it (I get motion sick in cars, several people in the group got motion sick in FJ). Can’t compare with 2015.

Probably selection bias of people who do get motion sickness commenting more.

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It was inspired by the FOP post, but really I’ve been seeing lots of people talking about Star Tours giving them motion sickness ever since I started looking at forums about 6 months ago. I don’t remember anyone having trouble from my group though. I can’t do most rides so it surprises me that I wouldn’t have trouble where others would. I guess I’m not prone to motion sickness, as I’ve never had it from any mode of transport or rides. My problem is mostly that roller coasters terrify me. :smile:

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I find, and this may only apply to me, that the further back I sit the less times I can ride ST in a row. So if I sit in row 1, I could probably ride until I’m tired/bored/the park closes. If I sit in row 5 then I can probably only ride 2 or 3 times in a row. Probably has to due with where you feel more of the forces (like in a coaster) but I’m just guessing.

Have fun!

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Same principle for me except I’d never ride more than once in a row because it always makes me queasy. But I’ve had the best luck not getting as sick when I’ve sat on the first row.

It made me very sick in 2014. So if you rode it in 2015 with no problem, I’d bet you will be fine even with the minor scene changes since. The rest of my family rides it with no problem whatsoever.