Did something get tweaked with the mobile version?

I am back to my previous mobile view (at least partially). Input boxes are half the size they were, Topic column is squished in potrait view, Topic content box is larger than screen in landscape view. Samsung Galaxy S5

Mine looks the same as it has. I never use landscape though. Same phone. Well, S4

Nothing is different on my Note 3

I have an S5, and haven’t noticed any change.

Did you have a browser update? Maybe it tweaked something in that.

My view on S4 is about the same but I don’t usually use this app in landscape. Do you other non iPhoners carry extra batteries to the park. I have a nanno but after maxing the memory and having battery issues, I decided not to get an iPhone. I expanded the memory and have 2 spare batteries.

And now it’s back to the “good” version it was before. Not sure what happened there. My phone did an update early this morning, but it hadn’t done any updates that I know of before I posted this. Must have just been a glitch