Did Room Descriptions change at Jambo House?

So I was looking at the map for DVC 1 bedrooms at Jambo House. I noticed that the standard room we had in May is now listed as a Savannah. Do the room allocations change? I noticed before there were a few standard that had partial savannah views, but now they are listed as savannah

I know this much as far a room types go. If your view has any part of say a pool view, savannah view, garden view, it can be designated as such. That’s not to say that you may have paid for a standard view and end up with a savannah view even though you didn’t pay extra for it. That just the way Disney does room assignments

Yes, that I understand. But in May when we stayed there, the descriptions on Touring Plans’ map where different. The room we stayed in was categorized as a Standard though it did have a partial Savanna view. Now it’s categorized as a Savanna on TP’s map

I believe there was a report they were trying to update rooms. I was in a two queen room that was listed as a king standard room. AKL claimed it was a savannah View. AKL claimed they had “many” CL bunk rooms- TP said one.

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