Did I miss anything in the chart for the Unofficial Guide?

Hi all!

I’ve been making the below chart for the 2016 Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World and I would love some feedback.

Here are the rules: This chart must fit on one page, so nothing can be added without first removing something. If you can think of an attraction, resort, or dining venue that needs to be on here post a reply!

Thank you!

NewStuffWDW.pdf (311.6 KB)

Pirates Adventure game and mermaids in PotC? Monsieur Paul? Mansion updates?

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How much space should be given to attraction closures? For instance, noticed that the closing of Maelstrom is mentioned, but the closing of the Backlot Tour isn’t.

And a thought about the first sentence to gain you a line – if you want to really tighten the text, you can try:

Been a while since your last trip? Here’s a summary of major changes (with page numbers for more information).

For last 10 years, did you want to mention the addition of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique?
Also for the 10 year mark, Spectromagic is now gone – but I don’t know as that will be that big of a deal to include, since people going every 10 years or so probably think that it is the same parade anyhow and that their memory of it is what’s changed. :wink:

This is just my nit-picky self, but isn’t it called “Festival of the Lion King” and not “Legend of the Lion King”?

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[quote=“mascardofamily, post:3, topic:12177”]
For instance, noticed that the closing of Maelstrom is mentioned, but the closing of the Backlot Tour isn’t[/quote]

I’d agree that closing the Backlot Tour was significant. Even though the life had long since been sucked out of the attraction, it’s closing did mark the end of any sign of the park being working Studios. You said you needed to remove something, but I’d get an extra line on the page by shortening the description of the Frozen Sing-Along. I don’t think you need the full title, so I’d remove “For the First Time in Forever”.

Really like your checklist idea!

not nit-picky at all since Legend of the Lion King was a puppet show formally located in the Philharmagic theater.

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Exactly what I was thinking @thegraceysbutler.

Looks good!! But I agree with @mALYficent about festival of the Lion King