Did Disney retract their Rider Switch/Fastpass+ rule?

We did something similar. Or, rather, I did. My family was completely confused by RS and FP the entire trip and just did what I told them. Lol. It really does take a lot of work to even begin to figure out how to do it that way.


I’ve been reading through this thread to gather some intel for our upcoming trip. Our last trip was in 2017 so just before they went to the RS using MDE. We had the paper passes that were good to the end of the month, and that was awesome… we could and often did come back the next day or later in the week, and honestly, dealing with young kids sometimes you just had to do it that way if they got in a mood and just needed a break at that point in time.

I don’t really have anything terribly constructive to add, but I’m going to lay it out there. We’re doing 3 FPP per day. We’ll use RS, but it is our family of 5, 1 being a 3 YO that isn’t tall enough for anything. If we split FPP, we’d have to decide how to play it so maybe one of the older kids gets to ride something twice while the other rides something else twice. And I’m not ready for those fights.

Also, the 3YO is JUST turning 3 and going through the terrible 2s. Right now, he’s being a bigger challenge to us than any of our kids have ever been. I don’t think there’s anyway we can lock ourselves into a fully structured day that it would take with 6 FPP + RS, we’re going to have to do more playing it by ear and do some things to keep him happy and entertained and likely take more breaks than we’ve ever done before.

So I guess my point is, I’m glad they have RS. If I have FPP, I’d hope that they’d still give us a RS pass to open our window a little bit wider in case of a hiccup with the ride or the kids. I don’t need a full week or month like the paper ones were, but a little flexibility would be appreciated. I guess it just comes down to one size doesn’t fit all, especially when you’re dealing with small kids. We’ve done trips using RS 7 times now since 2011 and honestly, we’ve had to strategize a little bit differently each time based on the kids, their attitudes and who was on the trip with us. I do wish they’d be more explicit as to the rules and how they will/do handle RS and FPP so that there isn’t a grey area (we’ve been declined RS at 7DMT before for not having FPP for everyone) but it is what it is and I’m just glad they have a tool in place to help parents out.

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Totally get that. Last trip we had two older kids (8 and 6) who could ride everything and two littles (4 and 2) who couldn’t. I’ve learned that the more in front of disappointment I can get the better. Like try to have a conversation with the bigs the night before to set expectations so they don’t have a meltdown in the parks. Obviously its not even possible to do that with the 3 y/o.

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