Did anyone attend the first DAHs at AK or HS this past week?

If so, what did you think? Lots of bloggers have put up reviews but that’s a different demographic than your average attendee will be.

I guess nobody had any personal experience but the bloggers make it look well worth the price for ride enthusiasts.

There are reports from Liners on the chat in the app. All very positive.

Just getting back at it today and going through chats. We did HS on 12/8 - and I highly recommend it. We had DS10 with us and we planned to take our cues from him on when he was done so we quit an hour early, but still got in plenty. We did TOT, RNRRC, SDD x3, ASS x2 and TSMM x2 (didn’t want to walk all the way over to STs, DS was tired enough as it was!). The projections on the TOT and Sunset Blvd shows were running the entire time (complete with fake snow), so we got to sit and enjoy all of them. Plus, we timed one of our SDD rides with the fireworks, so that was really great. Had a few drinks and Mickey bars then headed to the boat around 10pm. SDD was slightly busy at the start, so we did TSMM first, then ASS. Our first SDD wait was around 10 minutes, our second around 5 minutes and our last was practically walk on. All the others were walk on - on TSMM the cast members just said ‘seat yourselves!’. Loved it!


Awesome. Thanks!

Were the character lines long at all?

We didn’t stop at them, but walked by Buzz who had about 3 families in line and Woody who had about 4. Overall, really dang short!

We probably passed you on our way out! SDD was our last ride, just before leaving.