DHS when it opens: Advice please

Plausibility reality check:

We are a family of five with teenagers.

Crowd calendar for DHS that day is a 7.

We could only get a reservation at the cantina at 8:45.

Smugglers Run is right there.

Is it plausible to:

Use a fast pass for Smugglers at 8:40 and get to the Cantina before 9?

This assumes a 15 minute grace period for the cantina.

Or would it be better to try to use the fast pass for SR after the cantina.

Please advise…thank you!

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It would be a huge load off to start the day by knocking out SR and the Cantina. We are there almost exclusively for Star Wars.

What time is park open? 8:30am? Are you staying on site?

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Option 3: keep trying to move your Oga’s. Something could pop up. Use the reservation finder. I would hate to be in the park that early and missing out on rides while the lines are short.

That said, you should be able to experience MFSR with a LL in about 15 minutes. It will be tight though. You might need to run ahead and “check in” to your reservation (which you can do in the app, but only if you are close by), then you will have a certain amount of time (10 min?) to report to the checkin desk after you are called, giving stragglers a chance to catch up.

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Yes these are key questions. Much easier if you can show up at 8am to MFSR.

If you are using Genie+, you’ll probably get a Lightening Lane “Fastpass” time window after Ogas. Do Ogas first. You can check in 20 min early and will likely be seated early.


Many times HS will open the tapstiles and rides up to 60 minutes before official opening, meaning if official opening is 8:30 and EE is 8:00, sometimes the tapstiles and rides will be open at 7:30! This isn’t every morning, though, and if it doesn’t happen to you, you can still get the Falcon done well before your Oga’s reservation (and maybe even more than once since the masses will go to Rise of the Resistance, Slinky, and Tower of Terror).