DHS TP help - early June

I only have 2 park days, one of them for DHS to mainly do all things Star Wars. I was lucky enough to enjoy it back in October but DH hasn’t been yet (he hasn’t been to Toy Story Land yet either).

My TP looks very discouraging. https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=4077990

Will definitely try for a Boarding Group & hope for the best. My thinking was to not FP MFSR as there is a lot to see and the line in mostly indoors & air conditioned.

Normally I would enjoy Rope Drop and then start my first FP around 10/11, but since RD is so crowded now I’m thinking of getting FP starting at 8 or 9.

Would love to get some ideas from what others may be doing & if anyone wants to have a crack at my current TP the link is above.

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Your TP goes non-stop! Do you not plan on eating / peeing / grabbing a drink? :crazy_face:

I don’t trust that 83 minute wait at SDD as currently its much higher at thta time of day. This may change when MMRR opens though. As it should pull some ppl away from SDD. Which brings me to my point about that… I also don’t trust a 55 minute wait for a new “all ages / no restrictions” family ride. While it will have a great hour throughput, it’s still going to be one if the new “must do” rides.

Finally, if you can get a FPP for MF:SR I highly recommend it. You do not miss any of the preshow. the only thing you won’t see are Star Wars cargo containers and rock walls. IMHO - Not worth the extra 100 minutes of waiting.

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I know, it’s an awful plan! I just put in the rides I wanted, it doesn’t allow for ANY free time!
Hubby is so spoiled, last trip we went we hardly waited on any lines thanks for amazing TP’s which many liners helped me with. I already told him be prepared to wait in lots of lines this trip.
I figured it would be better to wait for MFSR because it’s indoors/air conditioned vs SDD which looks brutal in the sun.

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I totally get it. Plus, trying to plan for RotR is almost impossible. By the time you get close to your travel date, you’ll have more MMRR data and maybe RotR BG could be done and/or standby queue opens.

100% true. They have small umbrellas along the SDD queue, but they don’t do much in the June Orlando summer. (If you can get a MF:SR same day FPP though - grab it! Again… there’s really nothing you’ll miss from the standby queue. The FPP queue merges right at the preshow)

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I rode MFSR 2x in October - both with less than 30 minute waits :slight_smile: We literally did everything we wanted plus extras before noon (we did arrive at 6am though, lol).

I"m still kicking myself for not going back then when EEMH were happening. The hotel rates were great, the extra hours look good & etc… However, WDW and social media had me convinced it was going to be a mad house. Instead, it was a ghost town.

(IMHO - The lack of attendance for those EEMH dates is why WDW / DHS isn’t extending hours now even though they’re needed. It’s an over correction / trying to “make up” months of loss revenue.)

My DD did the College Program in 2017, she’s since gone back for F&W ever since. Last fall my friends DD was in the college program so we made it a girls trip. Not only did we have low waits the entire trip her DD scored us a discounted room at Coronado. Truly a magical trip.

This quick 2 park trip day won’t be nearly as good. At least we will enjoy a nice relaxing day at Epcot WS the day after. It still beats a day at work!

Also, I don’t see Fireworks listed at 9pm for June - do you think that’s something they will add as it gets closer?

The Entertainment & Shows calendar updates about 60 days out. You should have more info late April / May for your trip.

Thanks. I currently have Sci Fi Diner booked, so as it gets closer I’ll see what he wants to do.

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