DHS TP Crowd Measurement

Yesterday, TP’s observed crowd level at DHS was 2. The day before, it was 3. I’m wondering if the virtual queue’s impact on the average wait time for ROTR (below 35 min) is artificially keeping the park’s tabulated observed crowd level artificially low. If so, what level of crowds has DHS actually been seeing lately (12/16-12/17)? I’m guessing higher given ROTR’s opening attracting crowds starting at 5am.

I don’t believe that ROTR would be part of the algorithm to calculate crowd level

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This might help.


Crowd levels are definitely down from last year, and from this year’s predictions. While ROTR itself is seeing a lot of love, the park in general is seeing less of it.

Anyhow, ROTR shouldn’t impact over crowd levels from a purely calculation standpoint. People who have a BG are free to go do whatever they want for the rest of the day, so it really has little impact on ride wait times for everything else. In fact, you would EXPECT it might inflate them because if more people are coming to ride ROTR, then there would be more people in the park to fill the queues of the other rides in the meantime. That isn’t happening.

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Thanks for everyone’s responses. The reason I was asking is because when I look at the link below:


I see that the predicted crowd level for RotR was 124 mins (5) when the observed was 31 mins (1). That’s because of the way the Virtual Queue works (it can’t accommodate more than that right now - and the VQ is filling within an hour or two of park opening). MFSR actually was at a 6 level, for example. Thus, I think DHS would actually be more observed at a 4 or 5 then a 1, which would at least match the Mid-Month report above.

But what i’m saying is, I don’t think ROTR is one of the “key attractions” that is used in the algorithm that calculates crowd levels. It’s simply too soon. I think perhaps it will be considered in the future but for now I don’t believe it is.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong!


No, I think you’re correct. They are collecting stats on the ride, but I don’t think it is part of the CL calculation. Until it goes off BGs, it would be worthless information in determining CLs anyhow.

Could it be that the extended park hours make it feel less crowded? Instead of x number of people being in the park for 12 hours they have 16 hours so they come and go more. Maybe the first few hours the park is full with ROTR riders, but they leave shortly after riding and the park is empty.

I thought it took about a year before a ride or group of ride are added to the calculations. That said, since the BGs allow you to go elsewhere while waiting that means these results should be picked up on the other rides.

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I think there’s that and a lot of people just leaving the park after riding Rise of the Resistance. Those extra early starts mean most guests wear down and don’t stay all day. You also aren’t getting an influx of guests coming later in the day to ride the new attraction, because they can’t (unless they were also there early enough to get a Boarding Group and came back) and a lot are leaving because they’ve already done everything in the Studios early in the day.

You may also have guests coming for evening holiday activities, but they’re not necessarily riding attractions, so they don’t count in the Touring Plans crowd calculations.

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