DHS ride help

DH barely tolerates 7DMT and won’t go on Space or Splash Mountains, but he likes BTMMT. He hates the drops in Splash and the not knowing in Space. He also won’t go on EE, again for the drop.

I have one son that loves roller coasters like EE and Space, but the other has his limit at SM and Splash. Test Track is fine with everyone. So will anyone in our family like Rocking Rollercoaster? What about SDD?

Of course, Tower of Terror would be out, I think. That limits what we can even do in DHS. We loved that Cars stage show (forget what it was called, now.) We also do Star Tours a couple of times and would happily do Toy Story Mania a few times if we could get shorter line ups.

Which brings up another question. We used to RD TSM, but now, it seems like RDing SDD is the only way I’ll get on it, as we are off-site guests (no leading or throwaway rooms, lol). What’s my best strategy for TSM multiple times? Certainly, I’ll the the FP, but I’m not waiting in an hour-long lineup for a second try.

Also, is the Alien Saucer thing worth it or is it just a glorified carnie ride, like Tea Party and Dumbo?

I am a big roller coaster fan, but no one else in my family is. So I am very cautious & aware when it comes to roller coasters so I dont freak one of my kids out by suggesting something I know they wouldn’t like. I have found that people who HATE drop rides, but like fast coasters LOVE Rockin Rollercoaster. My 7 year old niece was terrified of Tower of Terror but rode RnR over and over. IMO, it sounds like your son might like RnR. (I haven’t been to a Disney park since 2007 but I have ridden RnR a lot of times in my life and I LOVE it. I mention this because I am not a Disney expert, but am a roller coaster expert. :slight_smile:


IMO RnRC is by far the most ‘‘intense’’ Disney coaster (and it’s the only one with inversions).

SDD is super smooth and very enjoyable. However, I have trouble giving you advice regarding your DH since I don’t understand how one can like big thunder and not 7D LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alien saucers is just like Mater’s rodeo in DL. I personally would certainly classify it in the glorified carnie ride category and it left our entire family nauseous and greatly unimpressed…

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I thought that was interesting too! @ariadne your husband is an enigma! :slight_smile:


But it’s so dark and air conditioned, it doesn’t “feel” intense to me. Especially since you don’t see what’s coming. Mind tricks!


lol… he’s afraid of heights. We will go on 7DMT, but he hates that little drop. Yeah, I don’t get the BTRMT either, but he’s been doing it with the kids since they were small. That could be part of it. I would do Space Mountain with them and he would take them to Big Thunder.


Is it more like Space Mountain, then? I wonder if I could convince them. ???

I haven’t ridden Space Mountain since 2000… but Rockin Rollercoaster is more “intense” and way more fun. I think your son would like it, but not your husband. My husband does not like roller coasters (flipping and dropping) but has no problem with Splash Mountain. However, I forced him to ride RnR with me in Disneyland Paris and he survived… but he said he’ll never ride it again :slight_smile:

I have never ridden EE, so maybe someone can compare that to RnR for you. Since your son likes EE.

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Yeah personally EE is my favorite by far !!! :slight_smile:

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Check out recent posts on HS at EasyWDW. You may find them insightful for planning your time.


Agree that RnR is the most intense ride at WDW. If your DH can handle Big Thunder he can handle SDD. SDD is very smooth with no large drops. RnR doesn’t have large drops but is very fast. If your son like roller coasters definitely put him on RnR. ToT is more a free fall ride. My 6 year old - who doesn’t like roller coasters that much - loved it.

And yes, alient flying saucer is a glorified teacups carnival type ride. Skippable in my opinion and not worth a long wait. But my 5 and 6 year olds love it so go figure.


SDD should be fine for your whole family. RnR is very intense for sure, your hubby would not like it.

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