DHS RD and FP+ strategy now that MMRR has FP+

We are going to be in HS on two different days during our upcoming March trip. MMRR will be open for our trip.

Given there are three Tier 1 rides, that means we’ll only have FP+ for two of them and will have to ride the other on standby. Which two of the three make the most sense for FP+?

Right now I have a MFSR and MMRR FP+ and plan to RD SDD in the standby queue. Is that the optimal strategy or should I try to swap the MFSR for SDD? I know there are no right answers and pretty much everything is guesswork, but what does the experienced hive-mind think is the best route to go?

Actually, I think this is the correct answer.

I picked the same strategy. FP for MFSR and MMRR, rope drop SDD.

I figure the newest rides are going to be the hardest to rope drop or snag a same-day FP for…(and my kids don’t know, but DH and I came to WDW without them last year and rode SDD, so MFSR and MMRR are higher on my “must do” list).

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I have one day at DHS coming up.


FP MMRR (I got 12:55)

SR MFSR OR do it in EMH if the line isn’t bad

Hopefully they’re still doing boarding groups.

So with my one day, I’m going to monitor what people are reporting with the FPP drops - with that in mind. I have an FPP for MMRR because I was able to get a better time. Right now I’m thinking I’ll RD MFSR and pick up SDD during a drop. If it turns out that MFSR is showing up at drop times I may flip SDD and MFSR.

I’m planning on FPing MFSR and SDD and RDing MMRR. (We are doing 2 days at HS). For 2 reasons. MMRR is not a priority. If we get to ride it, great! If not, that’s ok with us. 2. SDD is reportedly a hot and boring standby line. (We haven’t ridden it yet.) MMRR will more than likely be an indoor queue.

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I am in the minority here, but I kept MFSR and SDD for my 2 days. Idk if that was smart or not, but the only MMRR I could get was afternoon and that kind of blows my plans. I have older teens and wasn’t sure if MMRR would thrill them. I am envisioning a fast -paced Great Movie Ride with animated scenes of Mickey and Minnie? Maybe on the order of the 3 Caballeros in Epcot, only faster and jerkier? Does anyone have input here? I am hoping I can S/B MMRR late in the evening before fireworks.

Yes, last year the SDD S/B line was heinous. Fortunately we had a FP, but I felt badly for all of the people in the S/B line with fussy kids.

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Shocked that with all the themeing you could put behind a Toy Story land ride, they didn’t build a fun and interactive que for this.

I’ll definitely be in the park before opening to try to get a RotR boarding group. Assuming I’m in the park and toward the middle of the pack of people heading for TSL, what kind of wait time would be typical if we go straight to SDD? Are we talking 15 minutes? 30 minutes?