DHS questions

Re doing plans for September and a couple of quick questions…

  1. Will woodys be open in the EEMH? If not, where will be open for early breakfast/snacks?
  2. Does anyone have the new FP tiers?
  3. Assume meet Micky red carpet dreams doesn’t have FP?

Thanks! I’m sure I’ll have more later

  1. No one knows for sure what will be open. Especially not at 6am. They haven’t even confirmed what rides will be open yet, although most are assuming TSL, ToT and RnR, as well as Star Tours.

  2. All rides except Star Tours are tier 1.

Star Tours wasn’t mentioned and early screen shots for the first three days of SW:GE showed no FPs for it at all. Possibly going to no FP like the Millenium Falcon.

Unclear about Fantasmic, whether it remains tier1 or moves to tier2.

  1. Now I would assume it does but maybe not!
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Makes it so hard to plan!

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Makes it difficult for me to want to go to HS for an afternoon. It will be an EEMH morning for me and that is it, unless the rest of the family insists. Thoroughly discouraged about HS.

Correct, Red Carpet Dreams does not have FPP. Lines build quite quickly too, so you want to get there pretty early to avoid a lengthy wait.