DHS high predictions June 18-27?

Any idea why DHS is mostly 9’s with a couple of 8’s that week, when the other parks as low as 5?

Per Disney’s calendar Rock N Roller Coaster should be open by then, and there are no other scheduled refurbishments.

In recent months, including so far in March, HS has seen higher actual CL than most of the others. Looking at the CL predictions for the next few months, including June, TP is keeping HS higher. It’s not just the week you asked about.

When TP last updated the WDW CL (about Feb 1), they explained in their blog that they found their predictions before the update had been “okay for Hollywood Studios (although skewed towards underprediction)”. Their revised numbers bumped HS higher than most of the others.

Remember, CL numbers reflect the wait in attraction lines, for key attractions during prime touring hours. HS does not have as many attractions (and they’re very popular ones!) as some of the others, yet is a very popular place to be, especially with SWGE. And some of those popular attractions have been plagued with downtime or running in limited form (ROTR, TOT).

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