DHS Fastpasses with Tier System and Prebooking Only 2 fastpasses for the day

Soooo…I only want one fastpass from the Tier 2 list (Star Tours) being as we’ve been to DHS many times and seen all the shows many times. If I were to only prebook 1 fastpass for a Tier 1 ride and 1 fastpass for Star Tours…would I be able to see Tier 1 Fastpass availability on the Disney app once I’ve used that 2nd fastpass day of or since I haven’t used my official third pass would I only get Tier 2 options? Thanks!

If you’re staying in DHS, then you would need to use a second tier2 FP before you could book another tier1 FP. You could always just tap in and not enter the show.

If you were going to park hop after those two FPs, then you could book another FP of any tier as soon as you tapped into the first one.


Nope spending all day at DHS…so we’ll just grab a Little Mermaid one then using the passes without really using them…Thank you so much! I hate how they’ve put all the rides except Star Tours in Tier 1…every way I try to make a touring plan I’m waiting over an hour (and close to 2 hours) for multiple rides with only one Tier 1 fastpass. Boo hiss as that has never happened to me before. We will of course single rider line RR and try to get on ToT right before closing. But Toy Story Land is gonna kick our butts with long long waits(we’re planning our trip after SWGE opens so we’re going straight there at opening of course).