DHS evening shows

Is it realistic/possible to see Fantasmic and Galactic spectacular show in the same night, or do I have to choose one or the other? On my touring plan it seems possible, with Fantasmic at 7pm and GS at 8pm but logistically I think it would be tricky. Thoughts?

With those timings, it is possible.

The issue would be getting from Fantasmic to somewhere where you can see the theatre for the projections.

However I would definitely try! The main thing is to be able to see the “wings” of the theatre. Don’t worry about the stage, that is secondary to being able to see the projections.

Unless you’re only interested in the fireworks, in which case you can watch from anywhere. But the fireworks are used to complement the “story”, it isn’t a fireworks show in it’s own right.

Is Fantasmic an hour? How early should you get to the SW show to get a decent spot? Thank you for the “wings” advice! I would have thought to to straight for the stage.

We were able to do it on our last trip. We sat in a space at F! that allowed us to get out relatively quickly, and we walked briskly over to the Chinese Theater area. The spot we got for SWaGS wasn’t perfect, but we could see about everything.

It also might depend a lot on the crowds. It was a CL6 when we visited.

Fantasmic is around 35 minutes. So you have time to get back to the central hub of the park.

Thank you very much for the info! I think we will try for it!

thank you so much. very helpful!