DHS - Beauty & Beast question

If my husband and DD7 are riding ToT/RnR, can my DD5 & DD3 and I get in line at B&B to wait for the show (like will probably be there 20+ minutes before scheduled start time), and can DH & DD7 join us in line when they finish? Or is that a big "no-no"? We're going in September on a level 1 day if that makes a difference.


I really don't remember there being a line for BatB - we just walked in and got our seats, so you should be able to save a couple of seats next to you. However, this was in early December, so I don't know what things are like at busier times.

Thanks @brklinck. Do you happen to know, if they're running a bit late is it possible to join the show mid-way or will the CM's stop them from entering once the show begins?

I saw this show today and at least for the first several minutes after beginning, people were walking in and trying to find seats, obscuring the view of those sitting behind them.

We have walked into B&tB late several times they don't shut the theater entrance till about 10 minutes in.

No line last week so i think Sept should be even more fine for this plan. You pick ur own seat and the theater is plenty large to do what you are describing!

Thanks all! I hope they're not late, I just wanted to make sure DD7 wouldn't miss out if they're running behind. smile