DHS at night-long lines before Fantasmic

The lines are pretty long except for Star Tours in the evening leading up to Fantasmic. I wish I had pre-booked TOT instead of Star Tours. All of the shows are stopped around 6. I understand the actors need a break, but why close Muppets? We were going to actually wait in TOT’s insane line, but we were afraid we would get in it and it would break down like it did earlier in the day. We got to the park around 5:30, used a fp that we picked up for Saucers, went to Star Tours and basically sat and waited for Fantasmic. Next time we will stay in our room longer or hop over to DHS just before we are ready to go into Fantasmic.

There is at least one live actor involved with Muppets…Sweetums. He’s my favorite Muppet.

It’s a shame that the Minnie/Mickey RR ride is going to take so much longer because this park NEEDS it.

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Yes I forgot about that actor. They really need something at night. I would have gone back to see TSL after dark, but I didn’t want to go just for that and not do anything else. I don’t do lines over 30 minutes.

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