DHS After Hours questions

We have tickets for the party in April. We have never done an after hours event. If can get into the park at 7:00pm, can we try early in the morning to get LL for Rise of the Resistance after 7:00pm, and then be able to ride it again during the party? This is all very new to me so not sure how all this works. Thank you.

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From Jennifer Heymont’s Touring Plans Blog Post Disney Genie Frequently Asked Questions (Disney World version)

Are Lightning Lanes and Individual Lightning Lanes available during Early Park Entry, Extended Evening Hours, and events such as Halloween and Christmas parties?

No, they are not. Lightning Lanes are only available during regular park hours that are included in the admission ticket for everyone.

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They are asking if they can buy a ILL for their 7pm arrival as the park is still open at that time. Is this assuming you don’t actually have a HS ticket or reservation for that day before party?

Yes, we will most likely not arrive before 7:00pm.

I was able to purchase Genie+ as well as an ILL the day we went to the Christmas party. We did not have a regular day ticket. Party guests were allowed entry into MK three hours prior to the official start of the party, and that is when we used the ILL and LL’s. I would think if you secure the ILL to ride during regular park hours before the official after hours begin, then it would be doable.

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